Mysteries Abound

sherlockholmes.jpgThe Red Queen recently asked if I would rent some Sherlock Holmes mysteries on my Netflix account. While I’ve read Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories many times through the years, I wasn’t too interested in seeing a BBC dramatization of them but agreed. It pays to keep the Red Queen occupied you see.

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Warren Ellis vs. Twig-gnawing Hippy Scum

By far my favorite quote from Warren Ellis’ post on Organic Farming: “I’ve got a food with a story for you. Soylent fucking Green. It’s got a story, a soundtrack and Charlton fucking Heston.”

East to West

I also created a blog for my buddy Greg and I to tagteam post on. It’s called East to West and it’s really just a platform for us to continue arguing about all the things we disagree on, which is to say, everything. Greg lives in Japan now and I miss his dry wit and …

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If You Build It…

I’m a jack-ass. Seriously. I’ve spent all day doing nothing more than play with html and php. Not because I’m getting paid to, but because I like it. I haven’t even quit my job grinding diamonds for a major entertainment portal and I’m already falling into my old habits.

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Loquisha to Checkout

At the risk of being deemed racist, I have to say that the great experiment is over. Or it should be. Over the last few years, many “feel good” corporations began hiring minorities in order to present a more “diverse” corporate philosophy. Unfortunately, hiring minorities from the inner city also means completely giving up on a “customer first” philosophy for most of these corporations.

I first noticed this with Starbucks (you might remember this post dealing with just this sort of experience) and now, it has gained momentum and found its way to CompUSA.

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Movable Type and You

I finally broke down and had the fine folks at SixApart install and cofigure Movable Type for me. The knuckles at HostOnce couldn’t be bothered. Not really anyway as they told me a few times that it couldn’t be done, then a few more times that, yes indeed, it could be done. Of course, they …

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