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Found this out there somewhere and couldn’t stop listening to it… Never was a huge fan of R&B, at least not in 1996, so while I heard the Blackstreet version, i wasn’t a fan. No idea why Sheeran and Passenger (Michael David Rosenberg) would grab this out of the ether and cover it acoustically, but I’m glad they did. Nice surprise.

Losing Poorly

sdcincyIts actually funny reading some of the comments and even the media coverage of the game. You would think the Bengals were the only team on the field and they lost not because they met a team that had the talent and game plan to win, but lost the game on their own.

The bengals didn’t lose the game. They were beaten by a superior team on that day. It wasn’t that they didn’t run the ball, it was that they didn’t run the ball effectively when it mattered. San Diego’s defense dictated what the bengals did and when they did it. Give some credit to the team on the otherside of the field for crissakes.

Enemy Mine

I’ve never had an enemy. There have been people I didn’t get along with, but never someone with whom i shared a mutual dislike. You know, the kind of relationship where you are constantly trying to sabotage or undermine the other person. A relationship where the misery of the other person brings you happiness.

I tend to think that men have fewer of these types of relationships and women have many over the course of their lives. At least a few of my female friends have explained as much. Maybe it is because men handle conflict physically, while women handle it emotionally.

Any of you ever have an enemy or feud that lasted a number of years?

Football in January

Rivers has thrown for almost as many touchdowns as he has fathered children.
Rivers has thrown for almost as many touchdowns as he has fathered children.

I really don’t know why I do it… read the forums on ESPN I mean. While I don’t expect a typical football fan to let rationale be their guide, I would like to believe that fantasy takes a back seat to reality… A typical Bengal fan’s post in the ESPN Charger/Bengal playoff matchup forum:

Philip Rivers is good, but the Bengals have talent across the board. 37-17 Bengals.

I’m not sure what they are smoking over there in Ohio, but it sure seems like it is some experimental grade Kush. I see the score a lot closer, somewhere in the 20-17 mark and it really could go either way. Sure, it might be a blowout, but it isn’t likely.

Of course, I’m just tickled that the Chargers are even playing football in January. If they can play up to the level of the opponent, I think San Diego will find itself playing next weekend in Foxboro.

an angry man

When I moved up to the bay area in 1994, I really had no concept of what commuting meant.

I lived in Los Gatos, California at the time and worked in Newark, CA, which is a distance of 25 miles or so. It is a drive that should take about 30 minutes or so, give or take. Unfortunately, I’d have to drive through the silicon valley, which means that the 30 minute drive turned into a 1  1/2 hour commute each morning and often a 2 hour commute back home each night. I don’t like to drive, but I especially don’t like to drive in traffic.

By the time I got to work in the mornings I would be incredibly agitated. It wouldn’t take much to push me from agitated to angry either. Though I did a pretty good job of keeping it bottled up, I would often catch myself mid-tirade when someone would do or say something that I found disagreeable. It wasn’t until a few years of this boorish behavior that I realized that driving each day really pushed my buttons.

In early 1996 I moved from Los Gatos to Newark (just across the bay from Palo Alto) and things changed for the better. When I moved to downtown San Francisco in late 1996, I got rid of my car altogether when I realized that parking was worse than the traffic in or out of the city. From that point forward, I rarely found myself angry. Sure, occasionally something would irritate me, but the lingering animosity i felt pretty much disappeared from my daily life.

After moving to Maui in 2004, I began telecommuting, completely eliminating any type of regimented driving from my life. These days I work for myself out of an office in my home and rarely get in to a car unless it is to ride shotgun on trips to eat out or shop. Eliminating car rides altogether is still a goal for me, but for now, not being in the drivers seat will have to do.

This morning  while walking the dogs around the neighborhood, I watched the morning commuters, white knuckles grasping the steering wheels of their cars, and I thanked whatever forces exist that I’m not among them.

This is the End

I’m going to stop logging in to my facebook account on January 1, 2014. It is a major time suck and actually prevents me from writing in my blog. While I cherish the friends and family I can connect with via Facebook, I hate the amount of time I invest in reading and writing there. Instead, I’ll write here and auto cross post to my facebook, twitter & google+  accounts, that way those of you who are interested in my dog and garden photos, and other random thoughts. See you in 2014!

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gunning for science

I’ve written before about my belief (unsubstantiated) that there is a correlation between IQ and gun ownership. I’ve struggled to find data either refuting my assertion or supporting it… unfortunately, there is VERY LITTLE scientific research on gun owners. I think I may have stumbled upon a possible reason why there is so little in the way of data on gun owners. This article in the NY Times seems to shed a little light on the subject of science and gun owners.

Occupy Your Mind, and Your Ass Will Follow

A quick note on the whole occupy movement:

If a bunch of people with arguably lower than average IQ were camped out on your property, non-violent or not, how long would you tolerate it before you started macing the morons? Protest? Sure… within reason and within a reasonable time frame.. but any protest longer than say 72 hours is no longer a protest, but an attempt to FORCE authorities into actively removing them physically.

One of the articles covering the occupy UC Davis situation had this tidbit:

“I had my arms around my girlfriend. I just kissed her on the forehead and then he sprayed us,” he said. “Immediately we were blinded… He just sprayed us again and again and we were completely powerless to do anything.”

Most rational adults would have probably walked away BEFORE they were maced… course, that means having to think rationally rather than emotionally. Most of these idiots are wasting their time.

I’m pretty liberal… but i just think there are more constructive ways to change the system. Most of these geniuses staging protests would be much better off using that energy and passion to get involved in government and change it from the inside than sitting with a bunch of slackers wishing things were different.