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The One About I Need A Hero

This is less a review than an observation that resulted from watching Hero with the Red Queen today. Movies have played various roles throughout my life, some teaching lessons in loyalty, others in humility, still others how to avoid taking myself or my lot in life too seriously. I think that a good many of …

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Drama-rama 101

Years ago, when I was a young man with a pocketful of dreams and not much else, I had a group of friends I would hang out with. We’re talking back in 85-87ish. At the time, I thought that all of these people were normal. I was living in Ocean Beach which is San Diego’s …

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Selling Out

I’m thinking of selling out. Putting ads on my site might be a quick and easy way of making the site pay for itself. Not that I’m in a position where it is mandatory that I do so, but having it and not needing it is always preferable to needing it and not having it. …

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