Cheater’s Never Prosper…

“Winning is Everything, it’s the ONLY thing.” –¬†Henry Russell (“Red”) Sanders, one time coach of the UCLA Bruin football team in the 1950s. So the Patriots cheated again… though that’s not really surprising given their history since Belichick took over as head coach… what’s surprising is the New England fans discounting all the allegations as […]

NCAA Tourney Bracket

I rarely watch college basketball, though I do keep up with my favorite team (San Diego State Aztecs). The last few years, the Aztecs have really become a power house program under the direction of Steve Fisher. The only time I watch college basketball is when it actually counts… the NCAA Tournament. Every other game […]


Part of me wants the Broncos to win today. The part that believes the AFC West was the toughest division in football this year … mostly because it vindicates the Chargers for losing to them in the divisional round. Another part of me, the part that personally knows a number of broncos fans who rival […]

Losing Poorly

Its actually funny reading some of the comments and even the media coverage of the game. You would think the Bengals were the only team on the field and they lost not because they met a team that had the talent and game plan to win, but lost the game on their own. The bengals […]

Football in January

I really don’t know why I do it… read the forums on ESPN I mean. While I don’t expect a typical football fan to let rationale be their guide, I would like to believe that fantasy takes a back seat to reality… A typical Bengal fan’s post in the ESPN Charger/Bengal playoff matchup forum: Philip […]

uber nerd incoming

I read a great deal. I enjoy all different types of books, from historical fiction to instructional manuals to science fiction to children’s literature, I don’t discriminate. One of my all time favorite authors though, is Stephen King. I really enjoy the way all his stories, no matter the subject, are all part of an […]