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shake your foundations

As you can see from the little link on the left, I am now pimping a new hosting company who is leaps and bounds better than hostonce (again, the name is simply a description of what the normal business relationship this company has with its clients). I previously mentioned how dissatisfied I was with my …

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oops, I did it again

I was going to post a video journal, but for some reason, it craps out in the middle… just when I’m explaining how my video would be better than limey’s because I, unlike him, have mastered the English language. I’m trying to work it out so please be patient. On a more successful note, I’ve …

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crack the code

When in doubt, do it yourself, I always say. My host won’t participate in my domain mapping scheme. Am I surprised? Not really, since they don’t want to do much of anything that I want to do. I wanted to make sure people who still had my old blog address ( to get here without …

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 I created this cd for the webmaster of who helped me create my photoblog in MT. Aside from being a wiz with MT and related topics, he’s also a pretty damn creative short filmmaker. Check out his site!