older, no wiser

I’ve been knee deep in two projects for the last week or so. If you noticed my failure to launch these last few days, that’s pretty much why. I don’t mind being busy, but sometimes, when I get really overwhelmed by work, I tend to listen to…





Today, I spent a little over six hours listening to the entire Katy Perry catalog.

I’m not kidding.


Katy Perry.

Painful, but true in ways I’m not sure I want to explore right this moment. Probably even worse is that Katy Perry doesn’t have 6 hours worth of music. She might scratch by with an hour… two tops if you listen to the dance remixes. But six hours? What was I somking? The only real saving grace, if one can be found in this situation, is that Katy Perry has a Grade A rack. I mean really, clearly a woman with such a healthy pair of lungs should be able to sing like a banshee right? Right?

Katy Perry \”Teenage Dream\”